Macro Music Booking

Music Entertainment Agency

Looking for a reliable and efficient music entertainment agency? Look no further than Jukeboxx Media! As a music booking agency, we specialize in creating customized entertainment schedules tailored to your specific venue needs. We boast some of the most talented and diverse artists in the region, ensuring that you’ll have a wide range of options to choose from. Our macro music booking solution takes the stress and worry out of your entertainment bookings, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your business. Let Jukeboxx Media be your trusted partner in regular entertainment staffing.


Entertainment Partner

Choosing the right artist for the environment and demographic is crucial. This is our expertise.

Digital Marketing

Promotional Ads

We can help with creative, marketing campaigns, and social media to support your entertainment.

Turnkey Solution

Everything Entertainment

From virtual production, musicians, scripting, to MC…we can service any of your entertainment needs.


Monthly Invoices

Pay one vendor monthly rather than individual artists weekly. Let us handle the paperwork.

Macro Booking

All-In-One Package

Combine multiple booking dates throughout the year with a variety of artists into one package.

Fully Insured

You’re Covered

Why collect individual COI’s when you can just collect one? Jukeboxx Media is fully insured with all artists we book.

Music Booking Agency

Macro Music Booking Solution

Looking for a music entertainment agency that can help you manage the day-to-day operations of your venue’s entertainment schedule? Look no further than Jukeboxx Media. Our macro music booking solution offers turnkey services to help you book live musicians for your venue, customized to fit your demographic and budget. Whether you’re looking for weekly performers or artists to book for a concert, our music booking agency can handle all aspects of artist management, including communication, contracting/payment, and rider needs. And with our marketing team, we can also provide creative materials to support your social media, printing needs, digital ads, and more. So if you’re in need of a reliable music booking agency, contact Jukeboxx Media today.


Fully Insured


Custom Schedules


Unique Playlist


Musician Collective


Cancellation Management


All Inclusive


Montly Invoice


Artist Management


Turkey Solutions


Marketing Solutions

Virtual Live Music Concert Series

60 Minute Sets

Crowd cast streaming platform prodcast to all employees to join at a designated time.

Worries & Conflicts

We handle artist scheduling, band scripting, band members payments, production scheduling, and creative concepts.

Virtual Song Request

Employees requested and voted on songs in real time and were a part of the shows playlist.


All artist and production cost were all inclusive and handled by Jukeboxx Media.


What We Have Built Our Reputation On

Experience Virtual Entertainment

Virtual events do not have to be boring. We bring our professional production partners and our most talented performers together to produce entertainment solutions.


Online Reviews

5-Star Reviews

Rachael W


Best wedding band ever! Very organized and kept my husband and I in the know prior to being introduced to the party. Perfect set list to get/keep people on the dance floor. They put their own twist on some great songs. They are great at interacting with everyone throughout the night, also. We couldn’t have been happier with how everything went.

Bently C


Oh my goodness. This band. In the most humble way, I had the best wedding because of Lost Wax. They made the dance floor top notch. From the moment the floor opened, it was ALWAYS occupied. We never stopped dancing. They played songs that my grandparents were and friends could all dance to. Not a soul wanted to sit down, unless we needed to cool down for a minute! They are the best and keep the dance floor going all night long!!

Brad W


I can’t tell you how many people told me, after our wedding, how we had the best wedding band they have ever seen. Everything this group did was top notch and I wouldn’t hesitate a microsecond in hiring them again. They were super responsive, consultative, and overall incredible. You won’t be disappointed.


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What We Have Built Our Reputation On