Wedding Entertainment – Band vs DJ

Wedding entertainment has a huge impact on the overall quality of a wedding. Wedding entertainers, whether you choose a DJ or Band, work as the emcee at your event, keeping things on track and create the energy (or lack thereof) at your wedding.

If you’re on the fence about whether to hire a wedding band or DJ, we’ve outlined some items to consider that may help you make your final decision.

There is a big departure in energy, price point, and music selection between bands & DJs. We’ll address all of these below.

Energy, price point, song selection, are all items to consider when choosing wedding entertainment.

Twice On Sunday band at the Hobbs Building.

Lost Wax at the The Garment House


The major disparity between bands & DJ’s lies in the price point. Consider that a DJ is a small set up with just one person working, where a whole team of engineers and musicians are required to make a band. DJ pricing can start as low as $300 up to $2000 (See more on How Much A DJ Costs), whereas a good wedding band will likely cost between $2,500 and $10,000.


There are major advantages in having a band at your wedding. A band is capable of creating far more energy than a DJ simply because there are more entertainers to impact the energy level. 5 – 12 people dancing with showy suits and dresses, interacting with your guests will without-a-doubt create energy that a DJ can’t get close to.

Song Selection

A band will provide you with a list of songs they know, the good ones will offer to learn a few requests as well. A quality, experienced event band should have a list of 300+ songs. Those songs are likely to be some of the top songs of the last 5 or 6 decades. This is ideally the music one would choose to make a dance party. However, if you have friends & family who are mainly interested in things like EDM, rap, or hard rock, a better choice could be a DJ as a wedding band is less likely to play those.

Bands aren’t like they used to be where the music was limited to things like “We Are Family” and “Play That Funky Music”. Bands now are playing top 40 favorites like Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Macklemore, and much more. (See band list examples: Lost Wax Song List, Twice On Sunday Song List).

Ultimately the DJ wins in the song selection category because of their access to millions of songs at their finger tips.

DJ & Live Music Hybrid Option

If you want to have a live music element but maybe a band is out of the budget or you prefer a DJ for the party portion of the evening, you can always hire musicians to handle your cocktail hour and/or ceremony. At Jukeboxx, we offer a number of amazing soloists & ensembles from strings to acoustic guitar to solo sax, etc. Solo musicians typically book between $175 – $250 per hour, which is highly affordable when paired with a DJ.

Check out our roster for options to make your wedding memorable:

Party Bands


Soloists & Ensembles

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“Entertainment is an extremely important part of any great event. A great DJ is one who can read a room, make energetic announcements and carefully execute a timeline. 

Great music, dancing, smiles, laughs and so forth – these are the things that make for great memories.”

All the best!

About Amanda

Amanda McNeal is a wedding DJ of 14 years, DJ director for Jukeboxx Media and lead singer & director of the band, Twice On Sunday.