A Friday Or Sunday Wedding Is Worth Considering

More than 80% of weddings happen on Saturdays, so it stands to reason that the wedding industry gets pretty excited at the mention of a Friday or Sunday wedding opportunity.

This means negotiating power for you, my friends. You could potentially save 10% – 30% on your entire wedding. The national average cost for a wedding is $33,329 according to theknot.com. That means an average wedding would save $3,300 – $10,000 by just moving their wedding by one day. That makes a Friday or Sunday wedding definitely worth considering.

If you’re concerned that the Monday-Friday workforce would have a tough time making it and staying late, consider this: 35% of Americans work weekends and 27% work nights, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most of those are people under the age of 40 – which¬†make up the majority of your late-night partiers.

Nearly one-third of the US workforce works nights and/or weekends.

What do you have to lose?

Well, 30% of the price tag, potentially.

If you’re extra concerned, poll your guests! Ask how your closest friends & family feel about a Friday or Sunday for your wedding.¬†

Once you’ve started polling your friends, find out what your favorite vendors are offering as a discount for Friday/Sunday weddings. You may just suddenly be able to afford that venue or band that was out of reach.

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